In the deal business, knowledge is power. We use our deep expertise to provide sector-specific guidance in a handful of industries. We have advised, operated and invested in our select sectors with many of our senior team coming out of industry leadership posts. As a result, we provide clients with significant transaction experience, operational expertise, and a global network of corporate relationships, collectively aimed at achieving the optimal outcome.

business & financial services

We understand acute customer needs and human capital are at the forefront of your business strategy. Our team has diversified experience in both the business and financial services industries, including the following sectors:

  • Banking and Insurance
  • Financial Technology
  • Human Capital & Specialty Consulting
  • Information Services
  • Marketing Services & Advertising Agencies
  • Mortgage and Finance

consumer, retail & restaurants

Uncompromising standards allows you to deliver an exceptional product or service experience that defines your consumer-facing business. Our professionals have led, advised and invested with the same passion in many industry leaders. Our team’s industry experience encompasses the following sub-sectors, including deal sector, food, where we have closed over 50 transactions:

  • Active & Healthy Living
  • Discretionary and Luxury Goods
  • Durable Goods
  • Food and Beverage
  • Mass and Specialty Retail
  • Casual, Fast-Casual, Fine Dining and QSR Restaurants

healthcare & life sciences

You operate in one of the most complex, critical and evolving industries. Our team has extensive relationships throughout the value chain and our clients include some of the most well-respected industry participants, including in the following sub-sectors:

  • Healthcare Services
  • Managed Care
  • Medical Products & Distribution
  • Physician Services, PPMs and DPMs
  • Pharma and Laboratories

industrial & manufacturing

We believe in fueling the fire of economic growth, which very often starts in your industry. We have a long track record of successfully advising both domestic and foreign companies in the following sub-sectors:

  • Building Products
  • Capital Goods and Equipment
  • Chemicals
  • Distribution and Logistics
  • Diversified Industrials
  • Engineering & Construction
  • Paper, Plastics and Packaging
  • Transportation

real estate, lodging & leisure

Our industry professionals bring significant advisory, operating and investment history from industry leaders in hospitality and lifestyle real estate. We have helped a wide range of private and public participants maximize the value of their holdings in the following sub-sectors:

  • Home Builders and Developers
  • Hotels & Resorts
  • Gaming
  • Management and Real Estate Services
  • REITs and REOCs

technology, media, sports & entertainment

Your industry has the ability to change the world faster than any other. Our sector teams bring hands-on experience in C-level posts, corporate development, and technology investment banking, along with key relationships. We understand the dynamics of rapid lifecycles and TME trends, with deal experience in the following sub-sectors:

  • Advertising & AdTech
  • Commercial & Consumer Technology
  • Digital Media & Entertainment
  • Hardware, Software & Services
  • Professional Sports